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Creating a Will is an important task that is often overlooked or misunderstood.

A Will is an essential legal document that everyone should have. Not having one can have disastrous consequences, as we have seen over the years.

Creating a Will doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, instead it should be liberating: allowing you to plan confidently for the future.

No-one can predict what is around the corner but writing a Will is the perfect opportunity to review your circumstances and affairs, including what should happen to your assets (and young children if you have them) after you have passed away.


The right Will for you, prepared by specialists

Our specialist Will experts prepare all types of Wills with varying degrees of complexity (including single and mirrors) for people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

A member of our friendly team will meet with you face-to-face at a convenient location of your choice (normally our local office in East Molesey, or your own home) to guide you through the process and prepare the right Will for you.

You might also consider arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). We recommend preparing LPAs to all our clients to safeguard the position should you become unable to manage your own affairs.

Make sure your wishes are followed

It is important to review your Will regularly to account for changes in personal and financial circumstances, as well as changes in the law.

As part of our service we offer:

  • Complimentary safekeeping of your Will
  • The option of having us act as an executor and/or trustee
  • Referral to specialist advice on estate planning and Inheritance Tax (IHT) mitigation

Retrieving Wills

If you need to retrieve a Will, we have put together an easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide for you to request this from us.


A deeper dive for those who have more questions

  • Clear and unambiguous instructions
    The most important reason to create a Will is that it provides your loved ones with clear and definitive instructions on how you would like your last wishes to be undertaken. This is important as it avoids any unnecessary disagreements occurring at an already difficult time.
  • Appointing the people you trust to administer your estate
    A Will enables you to appoint only those people you consider the most capable and trusted to administer your estate as your executor and/or trustee. This does not have to be a relative; it can be your closest friend or a professional, whichever you feel is more capable and/or appropriate.
  • Legacies
    A Will is an appropriate way of remembering a person or organisation close to you through leaving a legacy. If you do not make a Will, it is unlikely this person or organisation will be remembered as your estate will be distributed according to the rules which apply when someone dies without leaving a Will.
  • Tax efficiency
    Inheritance tax (IHT) is a great concern for many people. Creating a Will is an effective method to ease these concerns and gain vital advice on how to reduce your liability regarding IHT.
  • Protection for unmarried cohabitants
    If you do not already have a Will and you are not married your partner may not inherit from your estate and therefore could end up homeless and in financial trouble. Making a Will is an effective way to ensure they are successfully provided for.
  • Life interests
    Life interests can be included in your Will to ensure family members such as young children or elderly parents are provided for and remain in a home, instead of it being sold.
  • Marriage, divorces and re-marriage
    Wills are automatically revoked if you marry or re-marry and are altered if you divorce, unless specifically addressed in your Will.  It is essential to create or update your Will so your loved ones are provided for.
  • Funeral arrangements
    A will is the best way of informing your loved ones of your funeral wishes. This can include any personal preference, be it cremation, burial or even having your body used for medical education purposes.

If you die without a valid Will, the intestacy rules will apply:

If you are married but with no issue, your surviving spouse will take absolutely all personal chattels and the first £200,000 of your estate plus a half share of the residue. The other half share of the residue will pass to your parents or, if neither is alive, to your brothers or sisters or their issue.

If you are married and have issue, your surviving spouse takes absolutely all personal chattels and the first £125,000. Your surviving spouse will then have a life interest in half the remainder. The rest of the estate (ie half the remainder immediately and half the remainder on your spouse’s death) goes to your issue on ‘statutory trusts’.

If you have no surviving spouse but issue, the estate is held for your issue on ‘statutory trusts’.

If you have no surviving spouse or issue, your estate will pass to your parents, If neither parent is alive your nearest relatives will inherit in order of priority:

  1. Brothers and sisters and the issue of any who have predeceased
  2. Half brothers and half sisters and the issue of any who have predeceased
  3. Grandparents
  4. Aunts and uncles and the issue of any who have predeceased
  5. Half brothers and half sisters of your patents and the issue of any deceased half uncle or half aunt

If there is no living beneficiary the Estate will pass to the Crown, the Duchy of Lancaster or the Duchy of Cornwall.

‘Common law wives’ obtain no benefit under the intestacy rules although anyone financially dependent on your can make a claim for financial provision out of the Estate under the Inheritance (Provision of Family and Dependents) Act 1975.


Wills can be straightforward or they can be complex.

The simpler a Will is, the less you can expect to pay. Although it should be noted that given the importance of this document, we would always suggest focusing on getting it exactly right to reflect your wishes.

Our prices:

  • A standard simple Will is £295
  • A pair of standard ‘mirror’ Wills is £395
  • A Codicil to a Will is £150 and Codicil with a mirror is £200

Prices exclude VAT.

To book an appointment, please contact Karen Starkey on 0208 979 1131. Karen is one of our specialist Will writers, extremely efficient and with a warm approach that clients appreciate.

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